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For far too long have small businesses struggle with adequate project accounting. We see many small businesses not being able to realise their full potential due to lack of project management. Understanding the numbers behind projects, accurate costing and most important of all making sure you are making a profit are the core of project management. For small business this has either been too costly or too time consuming.

Xero has just realised Xero Projects, which makes it easy for the small business owner to integrate project management with their everyday accounting.

Projects in Xero is a simple time and cost tracking tool that:

Focuses on the financial side of project management.

Integrates with key Xero features, including contacts, invoicing, and bills and bank reconciliation.

Provides flexible, easy project invoicing.

Supports fixed price and time billing.

Monitors project budgets and financials.

If you are a small business struggling with your project management, contact us today for a discussion on how Xero Projects can help your business realise its full potential.

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