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Death does not get you rid of taxes. If you are finalising the tax and other financial affairs of someone who has died you are responsible for ensuring that income tax returns are filed, and any money owed is paid.

Usually you will have to file a final income tax return (IR3) for the deceased person. Including their income from the 1st of April up to the date of death. If the deceased person’s estate is still receiving income after the date of death, you will still have to file an Estate or trust income tax return (IR6).

Student loans get written off after IRD has sighted the death certificate of the dead person

If the person was paying child support their estate is liable for any outstanding child support amounts. The outstanding amounts can only be written off if there are no funds available from the estate. If the person was receiving child support any amounts owing to them at their date of death can be paid to their estate.

On the death of KiwiSaver contributor, Kiwisaver savings are paid to their estate.

Bad advice on how to deal with estate-related taxes could leave you liable as you finalize their tax returns. If you need any help contact us.


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