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If I want to export goods to other countries, what should I know?

In terms of GST, exporting goods are zero-rated GST supplies. That means the exported goods are billed at GST of 0%; and you can claim back input GST.   

In terms of income tax, if you are a NZ tax resident, you to pay income tax on your overseas sales even you do not bring the money back to NZ.  If the overseas income has been taxed by the overseas government, you can claim a tax credit.

In terms of export entry clearance, She has to declare to customer before the goods is exported. There are two types of clearances: export entry and electronic cargo information.

If the FOB value (value of goods plus all costs necessary, short for free on board) exceeds $1,000, she has to do export entry. If the FOB is below $1,000, she only has to do electronic cargo information.

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